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I collaborated on a team of four to increase user engagement and retention for Pathrise's internal knowledge base.

Information Architecture,
Interaction Design
PM, Engineers,
& Myself
Fullstory, Asana,
Sketch, Zeplin
2 week design sprint

Job hunting sucks. Enter Pathrise.

On the spectrum of most dreaded experiences, job hunting falls somewhere between stepping in dog poop and getting a parking ticket.

At Pathrise, we can't help you avoid smelly sidewalks, but we can teach you career skills to help you succeed as a job candidate. Pathrise is an online mentorship program for job seekers in tech.

How might we improve program experience while minimizing personnel costs?

With 240 active fellows and counting, the Pathrise team needed a way to improve coaching efficiency in order to scale and support more job seekers.

We decided to focus our efforts on improving the knowledge base, a largely underutilized feature of our web app.

Primary User: The Job Seeker

Job seekers often feel stuck waiting to ask a mentor a question, unaware that they can find the answer in the knowledge base.

Improving the knowledge base experience would empower job seekers through autonomous learning.

Secondary User: The Mentor

Pathrise mentors spend a lot of time answering their mentees' questions. Often, the exact same questions are asked by multiple job seekers.

The knowledge base allows mentors to share their expertise without redundancy, freeing up their time for high-value mentorship tasks.

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Pathrise Resources Redesign

by Imani Joy