The Launch

My goal was to design a simple, friendly experience that would empower Pathrise users to learn autonomously. Below is a look at the final build.

Prominent Search

Quick navigation was a clear issue in the past, and I addressed this by making search a primary focal point.

There are no dumb questions when it comes to job-hunting. I crafted UI microcopy that was not only informative, but also approachable.

Filter Search Results

Pathrise serves many types of job seekers. I added filters to allow diverse users to tailor their search results by industry, job stage, type of resource, and more.

Bookmark Resources

Returning users shouldn't have to dig for the same resources twice. I aimed to reduce friction for repeat users by adding a bookmarking feature. Bookmarks are accessible from the mega menu.

Browse by Category

Card sorting revealed that users grouped content primarily by job stage. I designed multiple paths for users to browse by job stage (Home page section, mega menu, individual resource pages).



3-Day Retention

Measured by user re-visiting Resources


Weekly Retention

Measured by user re-visiting Resources



Measured by user navigating to at least one resource

We've seen a promising retention rate since launching the new knowledge base in August 2019. Most users who visit the knowledge base return to find another resource within 3 days.

I can't emphasize how empowering it is to see people take learning into their own hands. I'm excited to contribute to the Pathrise knowledge base as it evolves.

Feedback on the design? Want to chat over coffee about content management systems? Find me on LinkedIn.

Pathrise Resources Redesign

by Imani Joy