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The Dinosaur Computer

At eight years old, I didn't know the term user experience design. But when someone donated an ancient computer to my family, I spent hours designing and hyperlinking objects to build my own interactive games in Powerpoint.

A few years and a million cups of coffee later, I'm still that curious, resourceful nerd who'll find a way to build joyful experiences out of nothing.

Love, Not Bombs

I discovered the power of user experience design while working as a fundraiser for an anti-war NGO. We were struggling to retain our donors because we failed to listen to them. I took time to understand their needs and hesitations, designed the org's first visual annual report, and convinced one major donor to 10x their annual gift in a single conversation.

Potatoes on Mars

In the 2015 blockbuster hitThe Martian, an astronaut is left to fend for himself on the planet Mars. He manages to produce water from rocket fuel and grow a supply of potatoes on a rather unforgiving planet.

When it comes to UX, I know how to grow potatoes on Mars. I've worked on super agile product teams at two high-growth startups, which taught me how to make things happen with limited resources.

I've led user research projects on a budget of less than $100, partnered with engineers to design and ship a core app experience in under 12 hours, and created component-based design libraries to reduce technical debt.

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